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Plumas County holds first clinic via the state’s MyTurn system

By Debra Moore

[email protected]

Plumas County Public Health conducted its first vaccination clinic today, March 15, using the state’s MyTurn system.

Based on direction from the state of California, all counties are required to use the new system, which links those seeking a vaccine with available clinics. Prior to implementation of the new system, Plumas County residents registered on the Public Health portal and would be contacted by Public Health staff when they were eligible to receive a vaccine and when there were opportunities available to receive it.

Under the new system, Plumas County residents register on the state’s MyTurn portal and will be contacted by the state to set up an appointment when they become eligible and when their is a clinic available. (Plumas News is interested in hearing from local residents when they are contacted by the state as part of this process to see how it proceeds.) To register for a vaccine, go to the state’s MyTurn page.

Today’s clinic was designed to be small so that public health personnel could familiarize themselves with the process.

“We had a total of 40 people today, we wanted to keep it small just in case,” said Tina Venable, Public Health’s director of nursing. “It went well once some of the kinks were worked out in the beginning. We are hoping this trend continues when we do our large 800 people clinic on Saturday.”

Sam Blesse, a senior supervisor with Care Flight Ground and who works at the vaccination clinics, agreed with Venable and said that today’s clinic was helpful in learning the system. He said while it is a little more cumbersome because each individual must be logged into the computer system on site, he could see where it would streamline the process.

Saturday’s clinic will be the first real challenge, as 800 people are scheduled to be vaccinated at the fairgrounds.

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