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Plumas County residents can really enjoy the ride

The scenery is beautiful and Caltrans work has paved the way

It’s easy to take potshots at government entities. And perhaps it’s human nature to speak out about what’s wrong, rather than what’s right. But we want to take a moment to acknowledge an entity that is deserving of praise — Caltrans.

All it takes is a ride from Quincy to Lake Almanor to Mineral and beyond on the western end of the county or to witness the ongoing work in the canyon, all designed to make it a safer roadway. And then there are the vast improvements to pavement and bridges east of Quincy toward Portola.

Clearly the amount of money that the state has spent on our roadways is not commensurate with our population; we are benefiting from an investment far in excess of our contributions. Visitors to our area have commented on the fine state of our highways compared to those that they drive on a regular basis.

In addition to the amount and the quality of the work, we at this newspaper appreciate the media advisories that we receive on a regular basis so that we can alert our readers to potential delays. The most recent case in point was the information regarding the work on the Spring Garden bridge east of Quincy. Caltrans provided specific notice of up to one-hour delays to complete a phase of construction. Similarly, as Caltrans works on the west shore of Lake Almanor, Caltrans provided details of delays and when traffic lights would be erected for automatic control around the area. 

So thank you, Caltrans, for work well done.

Applaud the effort to restore courthouse façade

This week’s newspaper contains a legal notice soliciting bids for restoration of the Plumas County Courthouse façade, which would include stucco repairs and fresh paint. It’s appropriate that this work be done. Driving into Quincy via Highway 70, the historic courthouse dominates the view with its beauty. But get too close, and that beauty is diminished by the cracks and peeling paint. The shabby façade doesn’t do the structure justice or speak to the important work that is done within its walls. We in Plumas are lucky to have such a beautiful structure to represent our local government, thanks to the vision of an earlier generation of residents. It’s simply our job to maintain it. 

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