Plumas County School Choice Week recognized by supervisors

For the first time, members of the Plumas County Board of Supervisors are recognizing Plumas County School Choice Week.

That week is set for Jan. 20-26, according to new board Chair Michael Sanchez at the Tuesday, Jan. 8, meeting.

School Choice, whether on the national front or locally, is an opportunity for all schools whether public, private or charter, to empower parents and to help children achieve their dreams. “School Choice means giving parents access to the best K-12 education options for their children,” according to the National School Choice Week web site.

“Every child deserves an effective, challenging, as well as motivating education,” according to the national program. “Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, therefore children should have the opportunity to achieve their own American dreams.”


Supervisor Lori Simpson asked how it was determined that a proclamation supporting education was determined.

Supervisor Jeff Engel explained that he received a request from the national program and decided it would be a good idea.

Simpson added that everyone is in favor of supporting education; she was just curious since the schools often don’t seek support from Supervisors.

Supervisors unanimously approved the proclamation.

In checking in with schools, Kristy Warren, assistant superintendent/curriculum and instruction said, “National School Choice Week isn’t something we’ve highlighted or promoted in the past, to thebest of my knowledge.”

Warren added, “I’d love to be involved and provide information on all the different educational options within Plumas Unified (School District) and (Plumas) Office of Education.”

The proclamation

Whereas, all children in Plumas County should have access to the highest-quality education possible; and,

Whereas, Plumas County recognizes the important role that an effective education plays in preparing all students in Plumas County to be successful adults; and,


Whereas, quality education is critically important to the economic vitality of Plumas County; and,

Whereas, Plumas County is home to a multitude of high quality public and nonpublic schools from which parents can choose for their children, in addition to families who educate their children in the home; and,

Whereas, educational variety not only helps to diversify our economy, but also enhances the vibrancy of our community; and,

Whereas, Plumas county has many high-quality teaching professionals in all types of school settings who are committed to educating our children; and,

Whereas, School Choice Week is celebrated across the county by millions of students, parents, educators, schools and organizations to raise awareness of the need for effective educational options;

Now, therefore, be it proclaimed that the Plumas County Board of Supervisors recognizes Jan. 20-26 2019 as Plumas County School Choice Week.