Plumas County Sheriff’s Blotter: June 7-13

Information in the Sheriff’s Blotter is gathered from the dispatch logs provided by the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office and compiled by Victoria Metcalf. No individuals’ names are reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The following is a summary of the week’s activity from June 7 through June 13.

In this report, the terms RP (reporting party), BOLO (be on the lookout) and occasionally HBD (had been drinking) are used.




A deputy reported the arrest of an individual who was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and local warrants.


A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with receiving stolen property and unlawful taking or driving a vehicle.


 A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with violating a court-sized restraining order and probation violation.

A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under the influence of drugs and possession of a controlled substance formerly known as narcotics.


A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with resisting arrest and warrants.

A deputy reported the arrest of a man who was charged with probation violation and defacing property.

A deputy reported the arrest of a woman who was charged with being intoxicated in public.


In the Plumas County jail it was reported that a man was charged as a fugitive from justice.


A deputy reported the arrest of two people. The man was charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. The woman was charged with resisting and a warrant.


Sunday, June 13

Debris in roadway: Westbound lane on Highway 70 near Graeagle, a caller reported debris in the roadway, blocking the whole lane. The information was transferred to the CHP.

Saturday, June 12

Shots fired: At the Last Chance Campground in Chester, a caller reported a camper fired multiple shots to scare off a couple of unwelcome visitors. The RP said the suspects are not campers and were going around people’s campsites. A deputy contacted the RP and no crime happened and the suspects were gone.

 Friday, June 11

Rocks thrown: In Greenville it was reported that a student at the elementary school was causing problems, refusing to return to class and throwing rocks at the teachers. The juvenile’s mother came to school and picked up the child.

Spot fire reported: In Portola, several 911 calls came into dispatch about a spot fire on the side of Lake Davis Road. The information was transferred to the USFS. Beckwourth and Eastern Plumas fire departments were notified. A deputy blocked the road on the south of Lake Davis Road and the CHP blocked the north side of the road. The USFS and fire departments mopped up the scene.

Burglary reported: In Greenville, a caller reported that a home was broken into the previous day. The theft of a Nintendo and games were reported; the surveillance systems memory was also wiped clean.


Suspicious situation reported: In Quincy, a caller reported that a man was ripping out bushes and grass behind a church. A deputy said the man was doing yard work for the church.

Thursday, June 10

Getting egged: In Portola, a caller said her house and vehicle were egged during the night. He vehicle was also written on in the dust. A sergeant reported no monetary loss.

Theft reported: In Quincy, a caller reported that movies, a belt and some meat from the freezer were taken. The RP said it was about $500 in meat.

Odd behavior reported: In Delleker, a caller said that the company that cleans her house had juveniles working there. One left a cell phone and climbed through the window to retrieve it when the door was found locked. The RP thought this was suspicious and the juvenile technically broke in. A deputy contacted the RP. Nothing was damaged or stolen. The RP said the company would no longer be used.


Burglary reported: In Chester, a deputy reported that someone walked into the substation to report a burglary to a storage unit. The RP said $5,000 in clothing, toys and photo albums were missing. The RP noticed the locks were cut so he replaced them and then noticed things were missing.

Vandalism reported: In Greenville, a caller said the doorknob was broken off her door. Nothing was missing. A deputy said that two different parties blamed each other for the issue.

Too cold to live in the bathrooms: In Portola, a caller requested a welfare check on a man. He was living in the bathrooms across from the CHP office. The RP was concerned that due to the low temperatures at night and the fact that the man hadn’t talked to the RP like he does on a daily basis. A deputy was unable to locate the person. The deputy eventually located the man who was fine at the bathrooms. People were attempting to get the individual services.

Over his head: On Highway 147 near Lake Almanor, a caller said he heard a hunting arrow go over his head while he was working outside in the yard. He was going to go look for it and would call back.


Assault reported: In Quincy, a caller reported a juvenile assault victim was at her house and had been assaulted by other juvenile. He was punched in the face and they choked him at Pioneer Park. A sergeant referred the victim to-victim witness.

Wednesday, June 9

No cooperation: In Portola, a caller said there was a man outside in her carport beating on the fence and yelling for the cops. The RP couldn’t see him since he was behind a fence. A deputy contacted the man who refused to cooperate or say why he needed assistance.


Wanted some water: In Beckwourth, a caller said a stranger knocked on her door and said he was thirsty and wanted a ride. He then left on foot going through the RP’s property toward Highway 70. He said he was going to his vehicle that was parked on Rocky Point Road. A deputy spoke to the man who said he was just passing through.

Nearly run off the road: Westbound on Highway 70 into Chilcoot, a caller said that someone in a Toyota Prius was tailgating and attempting to run him off the roadway. The information was transferred to the CHP. The CHP requested a BOLO through the Buttes. The RP recontacted and said he was at a business and the follower was there and taking photos of him. A deputy and a sergeant reported the man continued to Graeagle. The deputy was unable to locate the vehicle.

Bad dog reported: In Portola, a caller said her neighbor’s dog just attacked her cat and tried to bite her. A sergeant reported that the dog attacked the cat but there was no bite to the RP. A sergeant was going to attempt to locate the dog’s owner and information animal control.

Phone stolen, then missing: In Greenville, a caller from the high school said that a juvenile stole a phone from another student and then they couldn’t find the phone. A deputy said the phone was returned and the parents didn’t want to press charges.


Tree smoldering: In Quincy, a caller reported that a tree was smoldering. Quincy Fire Department responded and the USFS was notified. QFD reported that the property owner was counseled and fire extinguished.

Tuesday, June 8

Suspicious activities on property: In Lake Almanor, a caller reported that someone tore up her vacation property with some kind of vehicle. There were ruts and large vehicles moved. A deputy reported a $1,000 loss.

Theft reported: In Quincy, a caller reported that pants were stolen from the residence she just vacated. A deputy said she just misplaced them.

 Monday, June 7


Animals camping too: At Lake Almanor’s South Campground, a caller reported that quite possibly there were suspicious animals outside her tent. Two women were camping with a small dog. They were provided with the number for fish and wildlife.

Dirty harassment reported: In the Greenville, a deputy took a report from one man that another man blew dirt into his vehicle the previous day.

Man keeps misbehaving: At West Shore Lake Almanor, a caller reported that a male kept coming over to her window and urinating. He also exposed himself. A sergeant spoke to the property owner who said he would counsel the man. If he didn’t stop he would be removed from the park. The sergeant contacted the RP who only wanted the male to stop.

Mulch to do about nothing: In Portola, a caller said her neighbor kept dumping mulch on her property from his tree business. She said it an ongoing issue. She’s asked him to stop. A deputy attempted to contact the RP and got no answer. It’s a civil issue.

Break-in reported: In Delleker, a caller reported a break-in to one of the trucks and equipment on the sewer station property. The RP said the vehicle was damaged and some things might be missing.


Toddler has long drop: In Portola, a caller requested an ambulance for a toddler that fell out of a second story window. Eastern Plumas Health Care ambulance and the Beckwourth Fire Department responded. Careflight was requested. A deputy investigated the incident. No neglect or child abuse found. It was accidental. The district attorney and child protective services were notified.

Unruly customer reported: In Portola, a businessperson reported an unruly customer. The RP said the woman was asked to leave but continued to verbally cause a disturbance. The RP requested that the woman be trespassed from the business. A deputy did issue the no trespass warning.

Theft reported: In Quincy, a caller reported the theft of a life alert machine and a watch.