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Plumas County’s 2022-23 budget available for the public to view.

In the mood for a little light reading? The 2022-23 budget book is available for viewing — all 432 pages representing a total budget of $145,753,873. The budget can be viewed in person at the county clerk’s office on the first floor of the courthouse in Quincy or on the county’s website.

The Plumas County Board of Supervisors received a budget overview this morning during its Sept. 27 meeting, but many numbers still need to be refined.

Acting Auditor Martee Nieman led the discussion with input from Treasurer Julie White, Board of Supervisors Chairman Kevin Goss and others.

“It was truly a group effort to get here today,” said Nieman. She thanked IT for their support, as well as the clerk’s office staff for helping to copy and assemble the voluminous binders.  She also acknowledged “the entire auditor’s staff for working as a team.”

Nieman said that one of the challenges in assembling the budget was that the 2021 fiscal year is not yet closed, as the audit is still being completed. “We tried to extract the information needed,” she said. As a result, some numbers were missing from the budget presented and others needed to be refined.

Debra Lucero, the new county administrative officer, asked about the numbers: What trends are you seeing? Where are you seeing less money? Is there a possibility we don’t have all of the grants in there?

Nieman said that she and her staff  are still trying to account for everything; “trying to crunch all the numbers out,” as she put it. She added, “At mid year will have a much better picture.”

Since most of the board saw the budget for the first time Tuesday morning, and the public had yet to see it, Board Chairman Goss asked that a special meeting be held Friday, Sept. 30, to allow time for the document to be reviewed. The public hearing on the budget begins at 10 a.m.

The budget can be viewed here: https://plumascounty.us/DocumentCenter/View/43035/FY22-23-Recommended-Budget-Book—with-bookmarks


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