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Plumas COVID case update: Holding at 40 cases, all recovered

With all of the fires, it’s almost easy to forget that Plumas County is also in the middle of a pandemic. According to Plumas County Public Health, there were no new confirmed cases to report from over the weekend or today. The last positive case was reported Aug. 19 — a Lake Almanor area resident. By Aug. 21, it was reported that all cases were recovered.

When it seemed like that was a very short timeframe to go from positive to recovered, Public Health Director Andrew Woodruff explained that by the time the test result came back positive, the individual had almost completed their isolation period. Individuals are considered recovered based on time, and when they would no longer be considered contagious, rather than on a lack of symptoms.

Two of the three individuals interviewed by Plumas News previously were considered recovered, but still had symptoms. The World Health Organization recently announced that it is common for people to exhibit symptoms such as a lingering cough, chronic fatigue and other maladies long after they are considered recovered.

Below is the daily map provided by Plumas County Public Health that shows case rate by area, as well as a map of neighboring counties’ case rates.

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