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Plumas Crisis center welcomes new interim director

Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center (PCIRC) is pleased to announce its new Interim Director, Ryan Nowling.  Nowling has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Chapman University.  Most recently, he was employed by Eastern Plumas Health Care as its Human

Ryan Nowling
PCIRC Interim Director

Resources and Operations Coordinator. Nowling is also a volunteer with the Eureka Fire Department as a Captain and is in training to become an EMT.

Nowling has been on board for two weeks with PCIRC, and when asked if there were any surprises, he said he did not previously realize the extent of the housing and sheltering services provided by PCIRC, as well as the scope of the food banks for which they provide fiscal management. He also stated he was impressed by how effectively and safely the centers in Quincy, Portola and Loyalton have been at continuing to provide services through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In spite of the short time he has been at PCIRC, Nowling already has some goals for the agency.  First, he wants to develop relationships within the community. People should know that PCIRC provides essential services and they treat people with dignity and respect. Second, he would like to see the development of improved policies and increased organization within the agency to ensure it is in compliance with grant requirements and the state and federal regulations.  Third, Nowling says the center should work toward better financial security by looking into additional sources of funding.  Finally, Nowling feels strongly about rewarding staff and volunteers for their hard work.

When asked what sets PCIRC apart from other agencies, Nowling included the unique resources provided to individuals and families, the ability to meet people’s immediate needs in a crisis, and the compassion staff has for their clients. He said, “We do what we do well.” Nowling emphasized the need for the agency to work well with its community partners. The center wants other agencies to feel comfortable referring their clients to PCIRC, understanding they have common goals and “have each other’s back.”

Nowling said some of the immediate needs of the agency include certain staff positions. It is important that the agency have good leadership from a long-term director.  In addition, PCIRC is in the process of hiring a person for the front desk in Quincy, as well as a House Manager for Ohana House and its Transitional Sober Living Environments.  PCIRC’s board is also interesting in partnering with Veterans Resource Centers of America to help provide for the unique needs of vets.

Nowling is willing to speak with community partners and clients about any concerns they may have regarding the agency. He emphasized that clients should feel they come first in encounters with staff. It should be noted, PCIRC oversees the Resource Center in Quincy, as well as Portola Family Resource Center, and the Sierra Safe Program in Loyalton.  More information can be found on their

website at: www.pcirc1.org.

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