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Plumas Fire Safe Council receives 2021 Local Vision Award

The Plumas County Fire Safe Council (PCFSC) received the Local Vision Award in the American Planning Association Sacramento Valley Section award ceremony Oct. 6.

Tracey Ferguson, director of the American Planning Association, California Chapter, Sacramento Valley Section and Plumas County Planning Director, presented the award. Hannah Hepner, program manager of PCFSC, accepted the award on behalf of the council.

In her presentation Ferguson outlined the PCFSC Mission statement and important programs that PCFSC engaged in 2021. The PCSFC Mission is to “reduce the loss of natural and human made resources caused by wildfire through Firewise community programs and pre-fire activities.”

She said,  “In delivering on the Mission, the Plumas County Fire Safe Council provides various fire prevention service benefits to Plumas County residents – whether it’s through their support of community educational programs for fire safety and household preparedness, the senior and disabled defensible space program, the Countywide chipping program, or involvement with community and property fuels reduction treatments, the Fire Safe Council delivers public outreach and direct assistance programs to landowners”.

The Plumas County Fire Safe Council projects have treated fire fuels on over 17,000 acres in and around 27 Plumas County communities, and the senior and disabled defensible space program benefits around 150 County residents annually.

“Perhaps the greatest Fire Safe Council accomplishment has been in assisting 24 Plumas County communities (and counting) to become a Firewise USA site. The national NFPA Firewise program encourages local solutions for wildfire safety by involving homeowners in taking individual responsibility for fuels reduction on their property, teaching people how to adapt to living in high wildfire prone areas, and encouraging neighbors to work together to prevent losses due to wildfires, “ she said.

Ferguson closed her presentation with “Congratulations and a big thank you to the Plumas County Fire Safe Council for all that you do for Plumas County and its residents, especially during this time of recovery from the Dixie and Beckwourth Complex fires.”


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