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Plumas News is sunsetting; thank you for your support – new entity will be publishing news

After more than 150 years of providing continuous news coverage — first with its newspapers and most recently via this website Plumas News — we at Feather Publishing are changing course. As of Aug. 1, we will be focusing on our print publications including the Plumas County Visitors Guide and our monthly magazine High Country Life. Of course we will also continue to operate the print shop, which provides local businesses and individuals with the products that they need. We thank our loyal readers and all of those that we have worked with over the past decades.

Plumas News will remain live so that readers can access past content, but we will not be publishing further news content at this time.

An alternative news site is live now. A group of community members have come together to establish The Plumas Sun, which can be accessed at plumassun.org. The new news site will be offering countywide coverage of government, other news and local events. To submit news items or events for publication go to [email protected].

21 thoughts on “Plumas News is sunsetting; thank you for your support – new entity will be publishing news

  • Good luck to everyone at Plumas News and thanks for what you have provided.

  • Thank you so much for your service to Plumas County. You will be missed.

  • Thank you for the 23 1/2 years I’ve lived in Plumas County. Your work has been priceless. I wish you and Debra and everyone else the best.

  • Thank you for all your years of support and community news. You will be missed. “The Bulletin” has been a mainstay in my life for 50+ years.

  • Appreciate the hard work of Debra and everyone else who brought us the news. Good luck to you all in the future.

  • Thank you all for bringing us the news for all these years! The end of an era.

  • A job well done…thank you.

  • Thank you, Debra for all of you many years of hard work, dedication and most of all loving your job. it showed in all of the many articles you have written. Plumas News was always something that I would refer my family members to, so they could read about a particular story that had happened.
    You will truly be missed. Enjoy your retirement!

  • Thank you all, who made this a fine local paper, and a fine news site.

    • Thank you to all you wonderful people who have been so dedicated to bringing us the news. You will be missed! May God watch over you and bless you !

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done for so many years! I wish you all the best.
    LouRene Fitzsimmons

  • Thank you for so many years of wonderful work to bring us the news we needed. You will be missed but with the rising of The Plumas Sun tomorrow we look forward to a nearly seamless transition! Thank you!

  • So grateful for you, and so sad to see you go. Thank you again, and farewell!

  • Since the closure of this site has been announced, I’ve been in denial that it would actually happen. It feels terrible to know it’s true. I wish the Plumas News team the best and hope that we don’t flounder too much without it.

  • Incredible service for over 150 years! All good things come to an end and always bittersweet. Wishing you all the best on this sad day!

  • Thank you for bringing the news and the ‘olds’ to locals and vistors for so many yeads. I’ve been a reader and subscriber for almost 50 years. I will miss this charming, old school method of communication. Best wishes for whatever comes your way in the future.

  • Thank you Debra. You deserve this break and your witty editorial will be missed. You’ve done a great job. Celebrate your accomplishments in leisure.

  • It’s just been 7 years for me at Feather Publishing but I missed the “paper” and I’ll miss the online Plumas News. We’ve all been through so much together these past 7 years, monumental events in the county and in the world. It has been an incredible pleasure to learn from Debra and to work with the dedicated staff. I hope this evolution brings joy to Cobey (and fewer headaches) like the old rolling press brought to the Taborski family. May Stella find her groove!

  • WOW! This is something that would continue forever. How times change. Read the bulletin for the 30 years I lived in Quincy. I have kept up through the internet version for years . I’m sure I have still got some real old issues of the Bulletin & even before. Seems the whole town has changed, not always for the better. I will look forward to seeing the new publication.

  • Thank you, and those who came before you, for 150 years of service to y(our) community. I am a longtime summer visitor to Plumas County. I am not a local but have had a window into the County from reading your news in print and online. From keeping up on fishing and the fair schedule to its use a fire starter with all the issues and richness of life in between, my family and I have benefited from your sustained work to produce the Feather River Bulletin and Plumas News.
    With enduring gratitude,

    John Lynch

  • yOUR FANCY FOUR-COLOR HEAVY PAPER, EXPENSIVE free magazines give NO news. We had little news from this computer source, now there will bw Nothing.

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