Plumas Public Health supplies updated vaccine information

Plumas County Public Health provided a timeline of vaccination plans for the county this afternoon Jan. 10.

Lori Beatley, spokeswoman for Public Health, outlined the next steps in vaccine administration during an informational video live streamed on Facebook. It can be viewed by going to Public Health’s Facebook page or home page. An outline of the planned vaccine rollout is published below.

Beatley said the public has voiced frustration with a lack of information, the groups selected to be vaccinated and the seemingly slow rollout of the vaccine. She said that while Public Health is constrained by which groups and timeliness of rollout based on state guidelines and vaccine supply, the county can provide more information.

Beatley encouraged individuals to visit Public Health’s page devoted to coronavirus that includes links to pertinent information including vaccination plans. Vaccine info will be updated by Friday of each week. Those with questions can call the Covid-19 hotline at 530-283-6400 or by emailing [email protected].

Public Health thanked the three local health care districts for their roles in the vaccination process and will be working closely with them as the process continues. The agency also thanked the public for their patience during this process and noted that while the vaccine is becoming more available, it’s still important to practice all mitigation measures: wearing masks; practicing good hygiene; staying home whenever possible; and avoiding mixing with those outside of the household.