Plumas records first death due to COVID-19 UPDATED

The Plumas County Public Health Agency reported the first death in the county attributed to COVID-19 today, Dec. 14. The individual was in their late 70s, had underlying medical conditions and was under the care of a physician. Plumas News has asked for more information regarding the sex of the individual as well as which part of the county they resided in and will update the information if it is made available.

Responding to the two questions, Public Health confirmed that the victim was a woman, but doesn’t want to share the region to protect the family’s privacy.

Public Health warns that COVID is spreading in Plumas County. There were 19 new cases reported last Friday and 12 over the weekend. Today’s new cases have not been released yet.

The following mitigating practices are vital in slowing the spread of COVID-19 according to Public Health:
• Wear face coverings while in public places or while interacting with others not in your household

• Frequent hand washing

• Physical distancing with those not in your household

• Avoid social gatherings with those not from your household

• Travel for essential purposes only

If you have any questions please contact the Plumas County COVID-19 informational phone line 530-283-6400 or send an e-mail to COVID1[email protected] or visit our website at