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Plumas residents go on record against Measure B

Take the time to find out why

If there is a Plumas County resident who is still undecided on whether to vote “yes” or “no” on Measure B, there are some people who want to help you decide.

A group that is decidedly against Measure B has taken out a full-page ad in each of the four Plumas County newspapers encouraging residents to “Vote NO” on the commercial cannabis measure that will be on the Nov. 6 ballot. The vast majority of the advertisement on Page 3 is devoted to a list of those who want to publicly voice their opposition to Measure B.

Take some time to peruse the list, which includes more than 900 names — 920 to be exact — who plan to vote no on Measure B and want you to do the same. No doubt you will recognize many on the list as they represent all areas of the county and a cross section of ages, occupations and political persuasions.

Consider for a moment that, as of Sept. 1, there are 12,272 registered voters in Plumas County, which means the 920 signatures represent nearly 10 percent of the county’s electorate. The group behind gathering the signatures is highly organized and committed to defeating Measure B. It’s difficult to imagine a scenario where they won’t be successful.

The individuals have taken the time to become fully versed on the issue and can articulate a host of reasons why they are against Measure B — all valid. Their reasons against are clearly articulated in the voter guide that will be mailed with the ballots Oct. 9. To read the arguments for and against, as well as impartial and financial analyses, visit the elections page of the Plumas County website.

Local voters have just shy of two months before their ballots must be returned to the elections office. That is ample time to become versed on Measure B and cast a vote that will impact the future of this county.

In addition to Measure B, the Plumas County electorate will be casting votes that will impact local healthcare and education. Our election coverage will begin in next week’s newspaper as we introduce candidates for the various offices. Our efforts, combined with those of the Plumas County League of Women Voters through their forums, as well as other opportunities to meet the candidates, will hopefully provide the substance needed to make informed choices in those races as well.

We are aware that local residents will begin casting their votes as early as the week of Oct. 9 and as late as Election Day on Nov. 6. That requires us to provide early and ongoing coverage as the voting is spread out over four weeks. Please take the time to read about the candidates and why they want to represent you.

The first League of Women Voters forum is scheduled for Monday evening, Sept. 17, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Graeagle Fire Hall and will feature the candidates for the Congressional District 1 — Audrey Denney and Doug LaMalfa. It is a rare opportunity to see the two meet face-to-face to discuss the issues and answer your questions. Please take advantage of this opportunity. And for those who are unable to attend, our coverage of the forum will be published in the Sept. 26 edition of the newspaper.

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