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Plumas Sheriff’s Office responds to data breach of CCW holders

Yesterday, word spread about a data breach involving the personal information of California’s concealed weapon (CCW) holders. The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release today, June 30, regarding the breach. 

According to the release, the sheriff’s office has been advised that the Department of Justice has deactivated its “2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal,” and will be contacting CCW permit holders directly to advise them of the breach and will institute a program to mitigate any harm or damages to CCW holders which may result from the breach. According to the DOJ, the information exposed included names, date of birth, gender, race, driver’s license number, addresses, and criminal history. Social Security numbers or any financial information were not disclosed as a result of this event.

The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office encourages its CCW holders, or any member of the community with questions or concerns, to contact the California DOJ at:

“We also encourage our CCW holders to monitor their accounts for any suspicious and unauthorized activity,” today’s release read.

The full statement released by the California Department of Justice can be found by clicking on the link below:

“The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office is furious about this unauthorized release of personal information and is concerned for the safety and security of CCW permit holders in Plumas County and beyond, we will continue to monitor this situation and report out any additional information we receive,” the statement read.

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