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A look at the deck at the historic Johnsville Ski Bowl Lodge in days gone by. Photo by Glenn Bardet

Plumas Ski Club puts out call for volunteers for May 7 deck demo at historic lodge in Johnsville

The Plumas Ski Club is putting out the call for volunteers to assist in tearing down and rebuilding the deck at the lodge located in the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl on Saturday, May 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 pm.

The deck has seen many seasons of longboard races and hoedown concerts alike, and it is time to upgrade, after working with California State Parks for final approvals of the plan.

“We are anticipating about 55,000 square feet of lumber being milled from logs in the areas affected by the Dixie Fire,” said Plumas Ski Club member Glenn Bardet. That’s an estimated 30 to 40 logs total that will be milled on site.

The substructure is planned to be of Douglas fir, with cedar on top.

“The money used to purchase the needed materials for the project are proceeds generated from the three longboard races we were able to hold this year,” Bardet explained. “It was a blast, and all of the people who participated helped this happen. Now those funds are being put to work.”

Volunteers are needed for the entire process and are highly encouraged to bring tools as well.

Some tools will be on site, such as hammers and other basic tools. “We do have need of more demo tools, so if you have it, please bring your saws all, impact drill, chainsaw, wrecking bars and crowbars,” Bardet said. Safety is key, so volunteers are asked to come dressed in construction gear, with proper footwear, gloves, jeans, and eye protection.

Lunch will be provided for volunteers, and volunteers are invited to spend any amount of time possible on the project. “Any amount of time is welcome,” Bardet added.

“We are all so excited! Key players in getting the project moving have been USFS employee and Plumas Ski Club member Geoff Newsted, who arranged for the deeply discounted logs; Chris Murray, another longtime ski club member, who is currently ‘leading the effort’ on the deck demolition and construction, myself and ski club member Jim Webster.”

For those who wish to sign up as a volunteer, it is asked that they contact one of the following members so that updates can be provided as needed moving forward.

Chris Murray can be reached at 530-394-7999, Glenn Bardet at 916-208-4384, and Jim Webster at 530-258-1524.

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