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Plumas Unified announces positive case associated with Pioneer campus

Plumas Unified School District notified its staff and the community this morning, Sept. 23, that there is a positive coronavirus case associated with the Pioneer campus of Quincy Elementary School. This is the second case this week associated with the Pioneer campus; additionally two more cases were announced this week associated with the Alder campus.

On Monday, a positive case was reported in association with Chester Elementary School.

With today’s case, as with the previous cases, the Public Health Agency and school nurses are working to identify contacts of this individual and anyone affected will be notified.

On Tuesday, Public Health Director Dana Loomis said that at that point the school cases were related to transmission from outside the schools. Plumas News has asked for information on this case — whether it’s the result of community or school spread.

The school district is handling the cases on an individual basis, and making plans in the event that an entire class could be impacted.

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