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Plumas Unified releases latest case count: 42 cases with more expected later today

Plumas Unified School District began testing its athletes this week, which has resulted in more cases being uncovered. Quincy Junior Senior High School is the epicenter with 26 current cases as of today, Oct. 6. (Though more athletes were tested today and those results aren’t in yet.)

During a conversation Tuesday, PUSD Superintendent Terry Oestreich said that she is working closely with Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Satterfield and Public Health Director Dana Loomis to keep the schools open safely. Oestreich said that both officials indicated that they support schools remaining open.

When asked if a closure could be done on an individual site basis, rather than district wide, Oestreich said that would be possible. She said that criteria has been established that could result in a partial or full school closure.

As a result of PUSD testing at schools and individuals choosing to test at other testing facilities, the district is tracking positive cases across the county at each elementary school and junior-senior high school.

The district tested an additional 100 students between Chester, Quincy and Portola Junior Senior High Schools today, but those results aren’t expected until later this afternoon or early evening. “We will review this data, determine our options and next steps, and provide an update to all stakeholders as soon as possible,” Oestreich said in a letter sent out this afternoon.

As of today, the following numbers reflect the total number of confirmed positive cases from Sept. 29 – Oct. 5) at each of school sites:



There are six cases in the Portola area; 35 in the Quincy area; zero cases in Chester and one in Taylorsville.

Some of the items that are continually discussed with public health officials include:

  • vaccinated staff and students
  • masking guidelines
  • quarantine and isolation
  • COVID testing resources
  • suspend extra-curricular activities including athletic competitions

“We are committed to creating a safe in-person instruction environment for students, staff and the community,” Oestreich said. “It has been documented in state guidance that wearing face coverings is a highly effective strategy for supporting safely keeping schools open.”



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