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Interested persons filled the Portola library meeting room March 23 to learn about changes to what is eligible for compensation and how to file claims with the VA. Photo submitted

Portola area veterans, spouses and caregivers learn about expanded claim opportunities

Portola area veterans, spouses, and caregivers filled the meeting room of the Portola Branch Library on March 23  to attend the second Plumas County Veteran Service Pact Act 2022 Claims Clinic presentation.

The attendees heard about the recent federal legislation recognizing the detrimental medical consequences of hazardous and toxic air exposure to Southwest Asia Gulf War and Post 9/11 veterans, as well as the 28 new disabilities that the Veterans Administration now recognizes as connected conditions which merit compensation. Also presented were the procedural requirements to process a claim application.

The presentation included an explanation of the expanded Agent Orange medical condition disability list and the recently added areas —outside the Republic of Vietnam — that the VA now concedes had toxic herbicide exposure.

The meeting closed with a summary of the new “open door’ entitlement to VA Healthcare for all toxic air and herbicide exposed veterans.

The next Claims Clinic is scheduled for April 20 at the Chester Wellness Center, 372 Main Street, Chester CA. The program will start at 6 p.m.

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