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Maddie Boyd charges through and aims for the basket.

Portola girls wipe the court with Los Molinos Bulldogs, 62-17

Annie Folchi gives her all to gain control of the ball. In the end, she does.

Tiger girls’ basketball hit the home court running for the first time this season and really let the Los Molinos Bulldogs know right off who was leaving with the winning score Nov. 19.

The Portola Tigers were able to practice a variety of skills with a number of player combinations as they sunk 18 points the first quarter, 18 in the second, 14 in the third quarter and 12 in the final against the Los Mo Bulldogs.

Leading the Tiger scoring was junior Margaret Canseco landing 16 points in eight baskets. Right behind Canseco was Maddie Boyd, scoring 13 points with six shots and a free throw. Sophomore Mya Wilson also added 13 points with a 3-pointer and five baskets. Junior Elizabeth Stanton landed two 3-pointers and senior Maddie Wilson sunk a 3-pointer and three additional baskets. Tiger senior Natalie Rodriguez and sophomore Annie Folchi also added points to the Portola scoreboard.

Senior Maddie Boyd fired the most shots at the goal while she was on the court, 15 tries, while Canseco shot 11 times and Wilsons Maddie and Mya both shot eight times. All together, the Tigers kept the Bulldogs very busy defending their goal by shooting for the basket 59 times during the game.

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