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PHS Alumni Kaitlyn Brubaker is all smiles with her team mates (from left) Alli Ramelli, Jake Pruitt, and Wes Boyd.

Portola High School hosts popular Donkey Basketball event, hundreds attend

Over 400 people attended the Donkey Basketball game held at the gym at Portola High School on Sunday, March 12, with the crowd roaring in enjoyment of the “spectacle of spectacles.” The event was a two-game elimination event, with the Portola High School seniors kicking off the evening against the Feather River College Women’s Basketball (FRC WBB) team.

PHS Seniors keep the lead away from the Feather River College Women’s Basketball Team for most of the game during Donkey Basketball on Sunday, March 12. Photos by Elisabeth Henson

PHS Seniors had the lead for most of the game over the team from Feather River College, but ultimately the women’s basketball team made a comeback and fought their way into the Championship game. The second game was PHS Alumni vs the Beckwourth Forest Service and the crowd went wild for the competition.

PHS Senior Jailla Danielson attempts to block a shot by FRC WBB player Megan Donnelly.

Both teams put up a great fight for the win, with the PHS Alumni team advancing to the championship round to take on the FRC WBB team.

FRC WBB Player Madilyn Rombal waits for a rebound while Kylee Cox goes in for the shot, Coached by Margaret Canseco Center.

In the end, after a battle royale, PHS Alumni scored the winning shot and took the championship. Congratulations to one and all for an evening of hilarity and sportsmanship! 

The Portola High School Associated Student Body (ASB) fills the event with shows that keeps the audience on their toes. The clowns do a great job making everyone smile. Rodeo Clowns from left: Josie Henson, Owen Fragiacomo, Alexis Silva, Tanner Low, and Andrew Moran.
PHS Varsity Football Middle Linebacker Haydon Preston-Tuccori is given the honor of kissing the donkey for the Class of 2025 fundraising event.
C. Roy Carmichael first grader Kurt Henson enjoys a huge serving of cotton candy served fresh by the PHS ASB- certainly a fan favorite.
The second game finds PHS Alumni battling the Beckwourth Forest Service for the win.
The Forest Service says they had a blast and even though they took a loss, they promise to be back next year! Having a great time for Team Forest Service from left: Abby Marshall, Paul Ithurnburn, and Evelyn Breedlove.
Once a Tiger, always a Tiger! PHS Alumni take the championship with a buzzer beater shot over the FRC WBB team and they sure put up a great fight. Here are the 2023 PHS Donkey Basketball Champions! Back from left: Abbi Folchi, Jake Pruitt, Jeremiah Marquette, Wes Boyd, Klytia Dutton, and Annie Gordon. Front from left: Erin Klemesrud, Mikayla Villareal, Alli Ramelli, and Kaitlyn Brubaker.

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