Portola High takes precautions in wake of online comment

Terry Oestreich, superintendent of Plumas Unified School District, issued a statement at 1 p.m. this afternoon regarding precautions being taken at Portola High School, in the wake of rumors circulating about a threat to the campus.

Sheriff Greg Hagwood was reached for comment shortly thereafter as he was en route to Portola High to assess the situation. Hagwood said, “A young man engaged in behavior on social media that is concerning and inappropriate. He did not commit any crime or make an overt threat.” Hagwood said that his office has been aware of the individual.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

Oestreich’s letter read:


Our top priority is protecting the safety of our students and staff. We promise that we will do everything reasonably possible to protect your children against any threat that may arise while they are in our care.

At this time, we understand there are rumors circulating that there have been threats directed at Portola JS High School students and staff. Sheriff Hagwood has confirmed that Deputy Brubaker is on Portola JS High School campus. Sheriff Hagwood is communicating with the Board of Supervisors as well as the District Attorney and myself. I am in direct contact with Sara Sheridan and please be assured that your site administration, along with law enforcement, are addressing every measure to ensure a safe environment on campus. Principal Sheridan has confirmed that classroom lock blocks are secured and entrances that can be locked will remain locked until further notice.

Parents and others coming into schools must stop at the main office and receive temporary identification badges before proceeding.

Every school has some crisis response plan and key school personnel have participated in crisis response planning.


Many different scenarios are covered in the training. In general, each plan involves the designation of a crisis management team; development of evacuation, shelter-in-place and lockdown procedures.

I am keeping our Governing Board of Trustees informed of our actions. Please know that every reasonable measure will be put in place. We are committed to doing whatever possible to honor our commitment to ensure that our students and staff remain safe.

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  • I really hope nothing actually happens. And I hope the parents and law enforcement hold this kid accountable for his actions.

  • Where was Terry when a administrator threatened. A staff member?

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