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Portola tests highest in particulate levels

Shown in the graph are the particulate levels monitored in the air of Portola by the air district for December 2016. Any break in the line on the graph typically indicates that the equipment was down or that data did not transmit correctly. Photos submitted by NSAQMD.

The rainy season is well underway, with January off to a wet start. Portola received about 9 inches of rainfall in November and December, which helped to improve air quality. Normal to above normal rainfall is expected from January through April, with temperatures anticipated to be slightly above normal.

There were 25 permissive burn days for open burning in December, which led to 13 days when particulate levels exceeded national air quality standards, according to the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District.

Among the three Air District monitoring locations — Portola, Quincy and Chester — Portola consistently ranks higher in particulates than the other locations.

Wood stove program

The air district is offering a stove change-out program to qualified homeowners within the greater Portola particulate non-attainment area for replacement of non-EPA certified wood stoves with new, efficient, cleaner burning EPA certified devices. This program is funded by the U.S. EPA’s 2015 Targeted Air Shed Grant Program, the District’s AB2766 program and other agencies. This five-year voluntary program is only available to residents within the non-attainment area.

As of Dec. 31, 171 applications have been received for the wood stove change-out program, with 150 pre-approval letters sent out and about 105 installations complete.

In this comparison graph, air quality is shown for all three testing locations in Plumas County, with Portola consistently higher in particulates than any other location.

For more information regarding daily particulate levels or for information regarding the wood stove change-out program, visit myairdistrict.com.

5 thoughts on “Portola tests highest in particulate levels

  • I like our new stoves, yes the new certified wood stoves with are more efficient & cleaner burning BUT they all so replace the stove pipe inside from a single to double wall. most cases 6″ x 6′ losing about 8 square foot of radiating heat, thus negating the efficiency of the stove & then we get to burn more wood. & some are burning better & now shutting to soon & not burning in the efficiency zone 300 to 600degF, really gummed up & gooey mess. other 2.5 programs offer a swap out to other sources of heat ie. lp or oil & those areas are showing success. can we do that
    less the turning in your neighbor’s & sharing the fines part

    • Cute Dennis, but beggers can’t be choosers 🙂

      Besides, Trump gutted the EPA so you can just keep burning plastic bags to stay warm, mooch.

      • thanks for reminding me, my renters are complaining about toxic fumes coming off new stoves & pipe thay say there breaking it right but the installers say the are normal so if some one in the house hold has asthma copd or other respiratory weeknesses or just don’t want to breath it do not do it. gonna find out Monday if they can get set up with all ready broke in.
        & got nothing to do with free, new is new & they all spew

        • . Cuz you don’t own, I don’t qualify for free stuff , it’s about cleaner air

          • b 4 you say any thing
            yes I took the write offs & stimuli on all the dumb green stuff.
            ecar, hybrids, wind, hydrogen, biofuel
            & PVs.
            it’s vary expensive to do

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