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The Portola Tiger co-ed soccer team with, from left, Assistant coach Bill Powers, no. 7 Kaitlyn Keena, no. 10 Jasmin Garcia, no. 12 Angelina Gutierrez, no. 17 Elizabeth Stanton, no. 11 Brandon Cokor, goalie Walter Whitfield, Jordan Watson, no. 13 Hugo Rocha, no. 18 Alma Whitfield, Jackson Crews, no. 15 Lilly Thurman, no. 16 Jasoph Knudson, no. 14 James Sampson and head soccer coach Tony Avalos. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Portola Tiger soccer wins 2-1

The Portola co-ed soccer team is making a run of it on the field challenging teams of all sorts. The latest win for the Tigers was Sept. 24 as they faced the Squaw Valley Bears in an away game for PHS, 2-1. Brandon Cokor and James Sampson scored tiger goals against the Bears.

The Tiger team has been developing over the past few years under the watchful eye of head coach Tony Avalos. Assistant coach Bill Powers provides a second set of eyes on the field and with strategy.

Other than early season scrimmages, the Tigers have experienced all outcomes on the field. They beat the Bears, tied the Loyalton Grizzlies Sept. 17, and lost to the Quincy Trojans Sept. 19. QHS has the benefit of plenty of players to make up a boys and girls team. On Sept. 19, the co-ed Tigers played the boys team. Today, Oct. 2, the Tigers co-ed soccer players are scheduled to take on the QHS girls team in Quincy on the Trojan home field at 4 p.m.

Portola soccer games

Games begin 4 p.m.

10/2 at Quincy vs. Trojans

10/3 vs. CORE Butte Lynx

10/8 at Quincy vs. Trojans

10/10 vs. Squaw Valley Bears

10/15 at CORE Butte vs. Lynx

10/17 vs. Paradise Cougars

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