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Powerline Road in Greenville closed May 30 to June 3 to underground power lines

Powerline Road will be closed to the general public from Tuesday, May 30 through Saturday, June 3 while PG&E undergrounds power lines. Due to the road being narrow, a complete closure to the public 24-hours a day is necessary.  Residents along the road will be allowed access.

The closure is from Highway 89 at Powerline Road to Williams Valley Road, including at the intersection of Lower Williams Valley Road and Powerline Road. Those traveling between Highway 89 and Williams Valley Road can use Main Street in Greenville.

PG&E is undergrounding power lines at various locations in Plumas County, including along Highway 89 between Canyon Dam and Greenville, and along Highway 70 in the Feather River Canyon. When completed, about 60 miles of PG&E power lines will be undergrounded in western Plumas County.

Undergrounding in local communities can reduce the risk of ignitions along undergrounded circuits by 99 percent; reduce annual spending on temporary repairs and other recurring costs such as vegetation management; and lessen the need for wildfire safety-related outages. After the undergrounding is complete, PG&E will remove the existing overhead power lines.



2 thoughts on “Powerline Road in Greenville closed May 30 to June 3 to underground power lines

  • When a power outage DOES occur an underground outage is a lot harder to fix then simply checking switches on the overhead or do some small fix which is usually 99 percent of outages outside of storms. These outages on overhead wires tend to be anywhere from a few minutes to maybe half hour at MOST of inconvinence.

    In downtown San Francisco they have had long outages that affect a few city blocks because of underground fires or ‘mysterious’ issues.
    Days-long power outage ends in San Francisco Financial …

    https://www.ktvu.com › news › days-long-power-outage…
    Apr 29, 2023 — The outage started Wednesday night after an underground transformer caught fire. SAN FRANCISCO – There’s been an update Saturday to the …

    If this were overhead the transformer would’ve been repaired within a few hours.

  • You cannot simply dislocate an old transformer and replace it with a new one very easy with underground wires. Once one goes it’s going to be hell on earth for those affected.

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