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Angelina Vaughan instructs the prayer flag makers on the tradition of the flags and how they are meant to bring positive energy on the wind. Photo by Meg Upton

Prayer flags for Domestic Violence Awareness

Celebrating Domestic Violence Awareness month Oct. 20, women at the Drunk Brush Wine Bar make prayer flags. Photo submitted

It was a fun, constructive way to remind each other about the need for balance in one’s life — particularly after, or in awareness of, domestic violence.

On a late Saturday afternoon, women from across the country met up in Quincy at the Drunk Brush to stencil and color prayer or peace flags.

The tradition comes from Tibetan Buddhism, but as organizers from Plumas Rural Services reminded, there doesn’t have to be a religious significance to the flags. They are meant to carry thoughts and energy on the wind.

In order, the colors are blue, white, red, green, and yellow, which represent sky, air, fire, water, and earth. Together they represent balance.

The women enjoyed appetizers and wine and stenciled on positive messages and words like “Love,” “Believe,” “Dream,” “Imagine,” on their flags as well as stenciled and original images and designs.

October is domestic violence awareness month and the peace flags in that context symbolized healing and restoring balance.

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