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Precipitation Report for the week of 4/10/19

Mother Nature kept up the pressure on the Lake Almanor Basin in March, sending us more than the usual amount of precipitation.

The good news is that most of the precipitation was in the form of rain, with our 13.5 inches of new snowfall actually coming in at less than the average amount for the month.

Still, our season total snowfall at the end of March came to an even 200 inches, or 168 percent of the long-term average for this point in our customary July-June “water season.”

We added 6.45 inches of total precipitation to our accumulation during March, bringing that season total to 42.14 inches (154 percent of average).

We would anticipate declining rainfall in April, leading into our usual dry summer period, but it’s hard to tell what may be in store for us this year.

With a heavy snowpack still on the ground, spring runoff should be substantial even without much additional rain.

March temperatures were just slightly cooler than average (about half a degree). Our average daily low was 24.8 degrees and our average high was 50.2 degrees.

April should bring warming temperatures, hopefully in gradual steps to avoid any sudden snow melts and excess runoff concerns.

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