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Prescribed burn near Cromberg continues

On Friday, June 23, firefighters successfully treated approximately 86 acres in a controlled burn near Cromberg. On Saturday, June 24, conditions in the area remained within prescription and firefighters were able to treat approximately 30 acres. On Sunday, June 25, the goal is to treat approximately 60 acres more.

According to a representative of the United States Forest Service, firefighters are getting the desired effects on this critical fuel reduction project. There are numerous firefighting resources working on not only ignitions, but mop-up, monitoring and patrol.

Smoke is visible to surrounding communities as a prescribed burn takes place near Cromberg.



3 thoughts on “Prescribed burn near Cromberg continues

  • Very much appreciate these efforts. Also happily surprised at the relatively low levels of ground smoke.

  • I’d like to tell Donald the guy’s & gals did a great job prepping and burning next to my property. It was impressive to watch and I felt safe .
    Thank You.

  • I am very happy they are doing this and hope they do more burns. As much as the smell of smoke stresses me after numerous forest fires in recent years this needs to be done to help future fires. Thank you.

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