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Public Health addresses governor’s announcement regarding COVID

The Plumas County Public Health Agency released the following statement following the governor’s announcement about the end of the state of emergency relating to the pandemic:

Governor Gavin Newsom announced yesterday, Oct. 17, that the COVID-19 State of Emergency will end on Feb. 28, 2023, phasing out an essential tool that California has used to combat COVID-19. This timeline gives the health care system needed flexibility to handle any potential surge that may occur after the holidays in January and February, in addition to providing state and local partners the time needed to prepare for this phase out and set themselves up for success afterwards.

With hospitalizations and deaths dramatically reduced due to the state’s vaccination and public health efforts, California has the tools needed to continue fighting COVID-19 when the State of Emergency terminates at the end of February, including vaccines and boosters, testing, treatments and other mitigation measures . As the State of Emergency is phased out, the SMARTER Plan continues to guide California’s strategy to best protect people from COVID-19.

The impact on the general public will be minimal as most COVID-19 requirements have been discontinued or downgraded to recommendations. PCPHA will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates from the state as they become available.


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