Public Health administers 800 doses as planned Saturday

The Plumas County Public Health Agency met its goal of vaccinating 800 individuals at the fairgrounds this Saturday, March 20.
Originally, the clinic was designed to served those who signed up on the state’s MyTurn online system and were deemed eligible, but when it became clear that there would be at least 200 extra doses, Public Health opened the opportunity to the public.
Though residents were told that there would be no available time slots until 11 a.m., that didn’t deter individuals from lining up much earlier to receive a coveted dose of vaccine. No limitations were placed on the walk-ins — they just had to be at least 18 years of age. Some who showed up early waited as long as three hours lined up outside in the cold, but were rewarded with a vaccine.
At 1:30 p.m. — the last planned time slot for vaccines — Public Health announced that all of the vaccine would be used up by those already in line and stopped more walk-ins from entering the grounds. Those who didn’t receive a vaccine today may have another opportunity next week; Public Health will release details when they become available.
At 2 p.m., there was still a line of walk-ins waiting their turn, but ultimately all of them received a vaccine.
Lori Beatley, spokesperson for Public Health and one of the main organizers of Saturday’s event, thanked the roughly 40 health professionals, county staff and volunteers who devoted the bulk of their Saturday to ensure that their fellow residents could be vaccinated. Beatley said that while it was hectic at times, for the most part the day proceeded smoothly. Because individuals can sign up for a time slot on MyTurn until the very last minute, it was difficult for Public Health to know exactly how many extra doses they would have. Beatley suggested that a cut-off time would be helpful.
All of those who received their first dose of Moderna vaccine this Saturday will return at the same time on April 17 to receive their second dose. Each walked away with a card to remind them of the date and time.