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Public Health announces vaccine signups for those 75 and older

Plumas County residents who are 75 and older have the chance to receive a vaccine next week. Public Health released the information this afternoon, and said that though the state has prioritized any person 65 or older to receive vaccination, “due to our very limited supply, Plumas County at this time will start to vaccinate 75 and older with the hopes we will receive more vaccines.”

Public Health announced yesterday that 200 vaccines have been allocated to this group for next week’s clinics.

Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 19. Only register at one location. (Just a note: a Chester resident who tried to dial the Chester number, received a recording that the number was not working. According to Public Health, it is a county phone number that is currently inactive, but will be active by the Tuesday a.m. registration time.)

There will be opportunities for vaccinations in Chester, Graeagle and Quincy. Details are included below:


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