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Public Health to vaccinate 16- to 17-year-olds at local high schools April 29

The Plumas County Public Health Agency announced today that it has secured Pfizer vaccine to vaccinate 16- to 17-year-olds in the county.

Spokeswoman Lori Beatley said that all sign-ups will be conducted through the local high schools. Sign-ups will not be on the state’s MyTurn website.

Vaccinations will be given on the campuses of Chester, Greenville, Quincy and Portola high schools on April 29. Plumas Charter students should register with their school nurse. (Details are contained in the flyer below.) Second doses are scheduled for May 20.

Public Health has also been working with Feather River College to provide on-site vaccinations, but time is running out for the traditional two-dose clinics. Beatley said the county has approximately 100 doses of the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, but the CDC has not yet cleared that vaccine for distribution at this time. Beatley said that FRC students can sign up for any of the county’s clinics through the MyTurn website.



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