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PUSD announces more positive cases on two Quincy campuses

Plumas Unified School District announced today, Oct. 1, that it has three more positive cases  of COVID-19 associated with the Quincy High school campus and one positive case at the Quincy Elementary Alder campus.

Yesterday, the school district was more specific about the cases and named the specific classroom, but has decided not to revert to more general information.

Specific questions should be directed to the school site. That was part of the reason that the district provided more specific information to avoid having campuses bombarded with inquiries.

Public Health (PCPHA) is conducting contact tracing and investigation.  Impacted families associated with these grade levels will be contacted by Public Health.

This was yesterday’s case count:

Plumas Unified School District announced that it has received confirmation of six positive cases  today, Sept. 30, of COVID-19 associated with the following school sites. The specific classes are being named to alleviate confusion and concern among families when cases are announced without any details.

  • Quincy Jr Sr High school – one case in 7th grade multiple classes
  • C Roy Carmichael – one case in Mrs. Friden’s 6th grade class
  • Quincy Elementary, Pioneer Campus –
    • one case in Mrs. Gay’s preschool class
    • one case in Mrs. Kurpjuweit/Sipe 2nd grade class
    • one case in Torrence-Burkhead 2nd grade class
  • Quincy Elementary, Alder Campus –
    • one case in Ms. Piper’s 3rd grade class





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