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PUSD Board OKs start of Greenville Gym work

Voting 3-0 at a special meeting in Quincy on Sept. 7, the Plumas Unified School District board accepted two bids from McCuen Construction, Inc. to keep repair plans moving forward on the Greenville High School gym.

According to Superintendent Terry Oestreich’s office, currently, some remediation and repair work to abate and remove hazardous materials must be completed before the gym can receive a new floor. In addition, some site drainage and repair work is approved.

The contract for the remediation and abatement project was approved Aug. 22 and work began Sept. 5. The contracts for the drainage and flooring projects were approved at this week’s meeting and will begin soon, Oestreich explained.

Work on the drainage and flooring will be done concurrently with the abatement and remediation as much as possible in order to expedite completion of the work and staff will continue to update the board and public during upcoming meetings as reports are provided regarding the timeline.

The approved bids include $182,924 for the site drainage and repair work, as well as $448,663 for the floor replacement project.

A third portion of the project originally bid at $145,000 for new roofing work on the gym was rejected 3-0 on a technicality because additional inspection information has come to light and will likely affect the scope of work being sought by the district. With a change in the scope of work needed, new bids will have to be put out to reflect the changes in the work, according to district staff.

All bidding and scopes of work have been reviewed with assistance from the district’s consultant, the PBK Architectural and Engineering design firm that has specialized in education, healthcare, sports and corporate projects for over 35 years.

Board President Leslie Edlund led the meeting with attendees including board members David Keller on site and Jolene Cline via remote login.

Oestreich and staff presented the updates and said more information about plans for the various school portables and the new 21st Century Classroom furniture program will also come before the board Wednesday, Sept. 20.

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