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PUSD targets Sept. 27 to open elementary school in Taylorsville

Greenville Elementary School students will be returning to the classroom in Indian Valley soon.

Plumas Unified School District Superintendent Terry Oestreich said that after working with multiple contractors and departments to establish the best start date to reopen school, the district selected Monday, Sept. 27.

Over the next few weeks, the former Taylorsville Elementary School site will receive new carpet and a new roof, and classroom furniture will be installed. Additionally,  transportation routes and food services plans will be developed.

Communication will remain a challenge, because while the school can physically open, internet capability won’t be available until a later date. The status of phone lines is also unknown, and district is working toward finding a temporary and then permanent solution.

Oestreich said that PUSD and Plumas Charter School principals will meet later this week with both of their staffs to discuss the related details of shared activities and the potential partnership for the school year.

“There are many questions to consider, and we appreciate the effort and time invested to explore what sharing a facility and instruction could look like this year,” Oestreich said. “We are looking forward to getting Greenville Elementary School started soon.”


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