QHS student Paloma Garcia-Couoh (second from the left), joins other students at the Envision: National Youth Leadership Forum: Law & CSI in Washington D.C. this week. Photo submitted

QHS student attends Law & CSI program in Washington D.C.

The invitation reached her last fall: a teacher had nominated her to attend the prestigious Envision National Youth Leadership Forum: Law & CSI in Washington D.C. in the summer of 2021. Now, in the third week of July, Paloma Garcia-Couoh is attending the conference that brings her one step closer to her goal of becoming an attorney.

NYLF Law & CSI is one of the Envision by WorldStrides family of programs that enable high school students to explore their interests and experience learning beyond the classroom.

Garcia-Couoh does not know which of her Quincy High School teachers nominated her to attend the forum, but she has been passionate about her studies in history, government, and English. In addition to her studies, Garcia-Couoh has played volleyball for three years (anticipating a fourth year this fall) and is active in both theatre and film projects with Pachuca Productions and community theatre with dramaworks. She is also a dual enrollment student at Feather River College.

     Garcia-Couoh is considering pre-law as a major and, as an avid music fan, hopes to become an attorney specializing in entertainment and intellectual property. She’s applying to colleges mostly in southern California for the fall of 2022.


     Garcia-Couoh has enjoyed her time getting to know other driven teens from around the country and international students. She will receive a unit of college credit for her efforts from George Mason University.

     “As an alumna of Envision myself, I am excited for Paloma to meet, work, and collaborate with other high-aspiring students from across the country and the globe,” said Amanda Freitag Thomas, SVP for Envision. “Hands down, my favorite part of attending an Envision program was being with motivated students in an environment designed to help us challenge our assumptions, meet new people, and grow. Creating that same learning environment is a central focus for all of our programs. At NYLF Law & CSI, students build the confidence and skills needed to excel at college and in the workplace. They learn how to adapt to and communicate in new situations, to new challenges, and with new people, which, given how rapidly the world is changing due to technology and innovation, are essential skills for success.”

     For over 35 years, Envision by WorldStrides has empowered extraordinary students to become their best selves through programs that enable them to discover their passion, explore a career, and positively impact their world. In 2018, Envision became part of the WorldStrides family. The largest provider of educational travel and experiences in the United States, WorldStrides works with over 50,000 educators each year to help more than 550,000 students see the world—and themselves—in new ways.

     Garcia-Couoh has spent the summer working at Lake Almanor West Golf Course and Plumas Pines to save up for her trip. Indian Valley Thrift Store awarded her, a lifelong resident of Greenville, a $1000 scholarship to offset the expenses of travel and a weeklong stay in the nation’s capitol.


     “I’m grateful for this opportunity—it’s a whole new experience,” said Garcia-Couoh.

     The last student to go to the Envisions program from a Plumas County school was Elijah Steele two years ago.