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Quincy High School senior Kayla Thackeray, seated in yellow, is the district attorney in a mock trial, which was conducted as her senior project. Her mentor, District Attorney David Hollister, served as the judge, while fellow high school students filled the jury seats. Photo submitted

QHS student conducts mock trial as her senior project

Quincy High School senior Kayla Thackeray chose to do a mock trial for her senior project. “If she is the gauge for that generation we are in good shape,” said District Attorney David Hollister, who was her mentor for the project. “Kayla was articulate, well-prepared and insightful during the process.” Hollister was also highly complimentary of all of the students who participated in the project.

Kayla describes her project this way:

“My senior project is a Mock Trial which I was able to do with the help of my mentor, Mr. Hollister. The process included writing my own opening argument, examination of a witness, and closing argument based on the case file given to me by Mr. Hollister. With the help and resources he gave me, I was able to write each of these pieces and gain a much greater understanding of the Justice System and the career of being a prosecutor. The outcome of my project was performing the actual Mock Trial with about 15 students from my school participating as jurors, witnesses, and the defendant and videotaping it to create a video that I can use to teach other students about the process of a trial and being an attorney.”

The mock trial was held Feb. 10 in the Plumas County Courthouse.  They were an excellent group of young adults and a pleasure to work with,” Hollister said of the students.

District Attorney David Hollister presides over the mock trial conducted by Quincy High School Senior Kayla Thackeray. Kayla is seated in the seat to the right in front of Hollister — the spot normally held by Hollister. To the left are the mock defendant and attorney. Photo submitted
The Quincy High School students who participated in a Feb. 10 mock trial stand in front of the Plumas County Courthouse. Kayla Thackeray, center, chose the trial as her senior project. Photo submitted

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