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Quincy 16-year-old credited with rescuing people from burning buildings

Oliver Litchfield’s quick thinking and response helped save people from burning structures, this morning, Feb. 12. Photo submitted

One person lost their life in this morning’s early morning fire in East Quincy, but it could have been much worse. Earlier today, Quincy Fire Chief Robbie Cassou talked about a passerby who helped rescue some people from the burning structures, but now we know the rest of the story.

Sixteen-year-old Oliver Litchfield was driving home through East Quincy when he saw the flames and immediately called 911. He then went window-to-window to get people out of the buildings until help arrived. He even encouraged one person to jump out of a second story window and then cushioned their fall with his body. (The fire engulfed a single home, the housing unit directly behind it and then burned the adjacent two-story apartment building, at the corner of First and Main streets.)

His mother, Josie Litchfield shared the information, because she thinks it’s important to hear positive stories about high school students. But her son didn’t want any attention — he just did what came naturally.

“Oliver’s dad and uncle are career first responders, so I guess he’s been paying attention!” his mother said.

And his job wasn’t done,  Oliver was back on site this morning t0 help firefighters roll up the hoses.

Oliver is an 11th-grader at Quincy High School, and is enrolled in its independent study program. He plans to play a more official role with the fire department and is picking up paperwork this Tuesday.

Chief Robbie Cassou said he can become involved with the auxiliary to receive on- the-job training and go through the Fire Academy. When an individual turns 18, they can become a full volunteer, until that time there are some restrictions about what they can be allowed to do.  As for Oliver’s actions with regard to today’s fire, Cassou commended him for his quick actions which helped save lives.

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