The Plumas County Sheriff's Department took their turn at performing for the dance video. Photo by Lisa Kelly

Quincy accepts the Jerusalema dance challenge – watch the performances

The Jerusalema dance challenge became an internet sensation during the Covid-19 lockdown (#Jerusalemachallenge), with people all over the world uploading videos dancing to the internet, dancing to a song by South African DJ and record producer Master KG.

Jerusalema became viral when a group of six friends – four men and two women – in Angola made a video of themselves dancing to the foot-tapping number, while taking bites of food from plates in one hand. This was soon dubbed the #Jerusalemachallenge or #Jerusalemadancechallenge after similar videos surfaced from parts of Europe, North America and South America and finally the U.S.  Since then, the gospel-influenced song has seen construction workers, nuns and priests in Italy, police officers in uniform, fire fighters, hospital staff and first responders, pilots and airline personnel to name just a few, from the far reaches of the globe, participate in the dance challenge, wearing masks and maintaining social distancing.

Matthew Kitchens, right, and Mason Thorman (video editor and drone pilot) taken April 4 while premiering the video at the TOY STORE. Photo by Lisa Kelly

So, how could Quincy, California let this challenge pass without an entry asked Lisa Kelly, founder of the Quincy Star Follies?  Launching the video with the “SIP”ers (Saturday in the Park) friends, 27 groups and organizations volunteered their time and energy to participate with the intention of bringing joy and celebrating the emergence from a very rough year.  “It’s a great feeling to not only dance to an amazing song, but to be part of something global in a much more positive way,” says Kelly.  Special thanks go to high school student Mason Thorman, who with his drone piloting skills and video editing acumen, dedicated hours and hours to the project.

Thanks to Matthew Kitchens, you can see the video at The TOY STORE through Friday, and then the link will be released to all  participants to share and enjoy as Quincy continues to put its best feet forward. “This is a celebration of us, our resilience, our perseverance, our love of music and dance, but mostly our love for each other,” Kelly said. “Thanks Quincy, ya did it again!”

Here is the link:

“SIPers” (the Saturday in the Park) dancers helped organized the event and, of course, danced. Photo by Lisa Kelly


Various groups participated including the Quincy Soroptimists. Photo by Lisa Kelly