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Trojan senior Sean Manning challenges a Paradise Cougar on Oct. 22 in Quincy. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Quincy boys take the league

Trojan boys

The Quincy boys have made great strides in the month of October. After a loss Oct. 1 to CORE Butte, 2-1, the boys went on to win five soccer games in a row.

CORE Butte Lynx win, 2-1

In that first October game, junior Jonathan Swan scored the single QHS goal with an assist from senior teammate William Ross. During the game Ross took two shots while junior Nick Caiazzo and senior Tommy Thomas took shots at the Lynx goal without a score. Senior QHS goalie Cameron Dingel covered the goal the entire game and had 14 saves.

Brown Bears lose, 9-0

Squaw Valley was the first in the five-game streak to lose to the QHS boys. During the home game Oct. 3, goals were spread across many members of the Quincy team. Caiazzo and Thomas scored two goals each. Seniors Ross and Sean Mannie scored. Juniors Nic Graham and Peter Biren scored, as did sophomore Malachite Nelson. Assists were provided by Biren, Ross and Thomas. To achieve such scoring success, Caiazzo and Ross took four shots at the goal each, Biren and Jonathan Swan took three, freshman Rohan Linford, Nic Graham, Mannie and Thomas all took two shots each and Nelson took just the one, but scored.

Goalkeeping was shared by Dingel and Caiazzo. Dingel made three saves and Caiazzo six, but the bottom line was, no goals were scored against the Quincy Trojans, the goalies were 100 percent effective.

Tigers fall 7-0

Portola lost in the rivalry game with the Trojans at the mid-point in the streak. The game took place Oct. 8 and Swan was on fire hitting his mark three times to score for the Trojans out of the five shots he took. Caiazzo made a big effort with nine shots to score twice. Mannie and junior Isai Sanchez scored the other two Quincy goals. Linford, Nelson, Ross and freshman Toby Dupras all took shots at the Portola goal.

Caiazzo protected the QHS goal half the game with six saves and Dingel did the same — half the game with six saves. Again, 100 percent effective.

Cougars lose 3-0

The Paradise Cougars came to Quincy Oct. 10 and became the fourth victim of the Trojan 5-game streak.

Goals were scored by Mannie, landing one of two shots, Swan landing one of two shots and Caiazzo landing one of one shot. Keeping things lively for the Cougars, Ross took two shots and Thomas took one.

Cameron Dingel tended the goal for the entire game and was only required to make one save to stop the Cougar offense.

Squaw loses again, 9-1

The Brown Bears from Squaw Valley Academy hosted the Trojans in a rematch on their home field in Olympic Village. The Bears were able to score a single goal this time, but the Trojans again scored nine times to win the game.

William Ross and Sean Mannie both scored two goals each. Linford, Swan, Dingel, freshman Bohdi O’Brien and Thomas all scored a goal. Assists were provided by Ross and Dingel, with two by Thomas.

Freshman Toby Dupras stepped up to tend the Trojan goal for the entire game and made six saves allowing a single point to slide by for the Brown Bears.

Grizzlies beat 5-1

The Loyalton soccer team came to Quincy on Oct. 17 and lost when Ross and Caiazzo scored two goals each and Thomas scored one. Twenty-one Trojan shots were fired. Five each came from Ross and Caiazzo, four from Nic Graham, three from Swan, two from Thomas and one each from Biren and sophomore Larsen Davies.

Senior Cameron Dingel defended the goal for the entire game solo with three saves, allowing one Grizzly goal to slide through.

The streak is broken

The Sage Ridge Scorpions stung the Trojans on Oct. 19 to win the challenge 5-1. The battle was a non-conference game that only toughened the resolve of the Quincy boys as they aimed their sights toward finishing the league season strong.

The tactic by QHS head boys soccer coach Greg Prouse worked wonders to perk up the Trojan team as they downshifted and motored right though their next two league game opponents.

Paradise lost

The first playoff game for the Trojans took place Oct. 22 in Quincy where the QHS boys won 2-0. The game was a nail-biter though as the teams stood at 0-0 for the longest time. The game was a stalemate, a stand off, a tough fight to the finish for sure. Fans were excited and the tension could be heard in the pitch of their voices as they urged their home team Trojans on for the victory.

Winning goals were eventually scored by Jonathan Swan and Nick Caiazzo. Assists were provided by Nic Graham and Tommy Thomas. Four shots each were made by Caiazzo and Swan, three by William Ross. Graham, Nelson and Biren also fired at the Cougar goal.

The goal was watched over by Cameron Dingel who was required to make seven saves.

A rematch with CORE Butte

The only league loss and the only league tie were with the CORE Butte Lynx for the Trojans. It was the beginning of October when the QHS boys lost 2-1 to the Butte team and here they both stood in the playoffs, fighting for first place.

The game was held in Chico on the Lynx home field but that is where the advantage ended. The Trojans learned much in a month and were able to put their knowledge and their game into high gear. They won the match 2-0 and earned the honor of being the league champions.

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