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Quincy Chamber hosts Sparkle celebration Dec. 3


Friday, Dec. 3 marks the 31st sort-of Annual Sparkle celebration — an evening of fun, shopping and entertainment!  The magic begins at 5 p.m., with businesses staying open late for some fantastic Christmas shopping.  There will be live entertainment until 6:30 p.m. when the Light Parade begins.  Santa arrives during the Light Parade, followed by more live entertainment until 7:29 when the Christmas Tree Countdown begins.  After the lighting ceremony stay close as there will be more live entertainment and of course…shopping!

If you want to perform during Sparkle, please give the Quincy Chamber a call at (530) 394-0541 or email [email protected].    Performance spots are limited so be sure to contact the chamber soon to get on the schedule!

Planning on selling food or beverages during Sparkle? 
​Be sure to contact the Quincy Chamber at (530) 394-0541 or by email at [email protected] AND Plumas Co. Public Health  at (530) 283-6355 as there are special permit requirements.  You will need to submit a Vendor Booth Application (downloadable PDF is found on www.quincychamber.com/sparkle or copies can be picked up from Plumas Bank or The Toy Store) and submit it in person to The Toy Store OR mail it to Quincy Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 215, Quincy, CA  95971 before the deadline of Friday, Nov. 19. Don’t forget to include your $10 vendor booth fee!

For businesses wanting to give away food and/or beverages, a couple of things to be aware of:
1) You must still submit a vendor booth application and vendor fee if you will be setting up a pop-up booth on the sidewalk,
2) Make sure all treats are pre-packaged individually and ready to be handed out prior to Sparkle,
3) All beverages must be served from closed containers (no open punch bowls),
4) If possible,  have a person ready and available to hand out the treats and beverages rather than having the public handle multiple cups, plates, etc.

Want to participate in the Light Parade?  Entry forms are also available at at www.quincychamber.com/sparkle, at Plumas Bank or at The Toy Store.  There is a $5 entry fee.  Please submit your entry form and fee in advance if possible.

The Chamber is also doing a Sparkle video again this year!  Woo hoo!  Videos must be submitted the week of November 29th (unless the video will be filmed DURING the live Sparkle event; then the deadline is Monday, December 6th).  The video will go live on YouTube the week of December 6th….or at least, that’s the plan.  😉

If you want to submit a video for inclusion, email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you the DropBox link.  Need help with the video?  Give us a call at (530) 394-0541 and Cheryl or one of her elves will come take the video for you.  There is no fee to participate, and it is open to all Quincy/Meadow Valley area businesses and organizations!

Another magical night of old-fashioned, small town celebration, compliments of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce!

For information or entry forms, visit www.quincychamber.com/Sparkle , email [email protected], or call at (530) 394-0541.

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