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The Quincy eighth-grade boys brought home their division trophy this year.

Quincy Classic Basketball Tournament hosts 49 games for boys and girls all over Plumas and beyond

Quincy Junior-Senior High School’s two gyms rang with the thundering sound of young players pounding the boards Feb. 1 through 3 when the Central Plumas Recreation and Park District (CPRPD) held its second annual Quincy Classic Basketball Tournament.

Filled with vitality and energy, any casual visitor could see the boys and girls were playing their hearts out.

The competition hosted 49 games played by 34 teams of fifth- to eighth-grade boys and girls who entered from Chester, Fall River, Greenville, Loyalton, Portola, Quincy and even Chicago Park School in Grass Valley.

According to CPRPD’s Recreation Supervisor Kyle Stone, winners of the divisions by grade level were:

5th girls – Chester

6th girls – Portola

7th girls – Fall River

8th girls – Chicago Park

5th boys – Portola

6th boys – Portola

7th boys – Chester

8th boys – Quincy

The tournament also included fun-filled shooting contests for each of the divisions.

“This year’s tournament was a huge success,” said Stone, who also organized the event and refereed about 20 games himself. “We had more team participants this year, which was a great step up from last year’s tournament. “

Stone added that the tournament games ran from early Friday afternoon through 9 p.m. Saturday night and again Sunday until 2 p.m.

“All of the teams had a great time and competed at a very high level,” he said. “I’d like to thank all of the teams and coaches for the positive sportsmanship displayed throughout the tournament, and I’d especially like to thank all of the volunteers and officials who gave their time to help throughout the tournament. Without this type of community support, an event like this wouldn’t be possible.”

All proceeds for the tournament go directly back into the youth basketball program for the improvement of equipment and other program essentials.

The funds from last year’s tournament helped to purchase new reversible uniforms for the teams this year.

The Chester fifth-grade girls took home their division trophy in this month’s Quincy Classic Basketball Tournament held Feb. 1-3. Photos submitted
Portola’s sixth-grade girls took home their division trophy.
The division trophy went to Portola’s sixth-grade boys when all the results were in for the second annual Quincy Classic Basketball Tournament.
It was the Chester seventh-grade boys who walked off with their division trophy.
Challengers from Fall River won the seventh-grade girls division trophy at the Quincy Classic Basketball Tournament.
Grass Valley sent their Chicago Park School eighth-grade girls to launch a challenge at the Quincy Classic Basketball Tournament and took home the prize, their division trophy.

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