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Quincy Firewise Welcomes Jon Dvorak to May 24 meeting

Submitted by Sally McGowan


The Quincy Firewise Community meeting will be held Wednesday evening, May 24,  at 5 p.m. at the West End Theatre inside Quintopia. This month’s guest is Jon Dvorak, Associate Faculty member at Feather River College (FRC).

Jon has worked at FRC since 2020 when he was hired as the Forest Health & Fuels Coordinator and Associate Faculty member.  Jon discovered Plumas County while attending UC Berkeley’s Forestry program.  He worked for the Fire Ecology Lab and Berkeley Forests during his undergraduate work and post graduation.   Jon also spent time working as forester and fuels crew supervisor for the USFS’s Pacific Northwest Research Station.  During this time, Jon’s position took him all over the United States working with agencies developing the research behind wild and prescribed fire. Jon is planning on finishing his career at FRC and looking forward to all the new and future developments taking place on campus.  Currently, Jon is working on his Master’s Degree from CSU Chico in Wildland Management.

For those of you interested in what is happening at FRC, you won’t want to miss this month’s Quincy Firewise Community meeting.  Jon will update us on the details of the new Bachelor’s Degree program: Ecosystem Restoration and Applied Fire Management. In addition, we will learn more about the progress of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy grant.  Lastly, Jon will share the program description, goals and launch date of the new Higher Education Prescribed Fire (HEFT Rx) program.  Since FRC is a Firewise Community, Jon will share how all these grants and related projects help support the FRC Firewise goals.

We will end the meeting with our monthly raffle for the “Beast Rake” (110$ value).

Quincy Firewise is a local volunteer group making efforts to create a more fire- aware and fire-prepared community. We invite all Quincy residents, including those from surrounding areas and other Firewise Communities, to join us the last Wednesday of every month from 5-6 pm at the West End Theater inside Quintopia. In addition to monthly guest speakers, we provide up to date information on home/property insurance, evacuation preparedness, home hardening tips, and home ignition zone design.

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