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Quincy Sober Grad event seeking volunteers

Graduation night is statistically a dangerous night for teens. For many years, a 100 percent attendance rate for juniors and seniors at Quincy Trojan Booster Sober Grad Night has prevented alcohol or drug-related deaths or accidents on graduation night.  In 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic, stay-at-home orders, and remote learning interrupted normal school routines, it also forced cancellation of Sober Grad Night for two years. This year, Quincy Trojan Boosters is reestablishing the fun and engaging event with hopes to build enough momentum to keep it going for years to come.

Planning and executing Sober Grad Night is a massive undertaking, both in terms of volunteers and funding.  Event funding is a combination of Quincy Trojan Booster funds and the generosity of local businesses, community organizations and individuals.  But funding, isn’t the biggest hurdle for the 2022 Quincy Sober Grad Night.  It’s volunteers.

Volunteers’ gift of time is a critical component of a successful Sober Grad Night.  The Planning Committee is typically made up of a variety of parents of ninth- through 12th-graders, but school employees, teachers, and coaches may also lend a hand.  Community groups can consider lending a hand for event elements that don’t involve student supervision such as setup or cleanup; roughly 20-25 volunteers are ideal.

If even one graduation night accident is prevented, the extensive effort to plan and fund it will have been well worth it.  For more information about this year’s Quincy Trojans Sober Grad event, please contact Quincy Trojan Booster President Amy Hendrickson at 530-414-0173.



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