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Quincy student named 2022 Sweetheart of the Mountains


Hailey Crump is the 2022 Sweetheart of the Mountains. Photo submitted

Hailey Crump is the 2022 Sweetheart of the Mountains. Plumas Sierra County Fair Manager John Steffanic made the announcement June 17.

She and several other young ladies from Plumas and Sierra counties applied for the scholarship by writing an essay on why small county fairs are critical to the communities they serve. All the applicants had obvious connections with the Plumas Sierra County Fair and offered some insightful thoughts on the relevancy to our communities.

Hailey will receive a $500 scholarship to further her education and will fulfill the traditional duties of the title, including hospitality at the Fair and representing the Fair where ever possible. The First Runner-Up is Adeline Taylor who will receive a $250 scholarship and will step into the title if Hailey is not able to do so.

The history of Sweetheart of the Mountains is long and rich. There have been interruptions and changes in format throughout the years; 2022 is no different. With so much doubt as to what sort of activities would be acceptable, the PSCF Foundation decided to scale back all the fund raising and the live performance. Along with the essay, academics and school involvement were considered in the process.

Expect to see Sweetheart of the Mountain’s Hailey Crump welcoming visitors to the Fair at the front gate at various times. She and Adeline will be riding in the parade and representing the Fair at events throughout the week. The official crowning and introduction of the

Adeline Taylor is the runner-up for Sweetheart of the Mountains. Photo submitted

Sweetheart of the Mountains and the First Runner-Up will take place at the Jake Jacobson Show in the grandstands on Saturday evening during the Fair.

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