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Fresh green jumps in contrast to the orange and brown of fall colors beginning to show in the Sierra Sept. 19 at Red Bridge campground. Remnants of last year's fire hold vigil in the background reminding us all to be careful. No fires are allowed at Red Bridge, even in the fire rings, no fires. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

Recreational camping at Bucks closed for the season

Compiled by Mari Erin Roth

[email protected]

Campgrounds at Bucks Lake are now closed for the season. There are no more recreational permits or reservations issued until next year. Overnight campers packed up and everyone was cleared out to enable forestry staff to tidy up the camping areas after a summer of fun. Fire rings were emptied and the no fire ban went into place and sticks until at least November according to forestry signs posted.

“We had fires all the way up until today,” said the Sundew Campground host Sept. 18 at 5 p.m. Fires have been banned since May but were permitted in campground with a host, but that season has now ended this past weekend. Staff moved everyone out so they could do the cleanup. Latrines were scheduled to be emptied Sept. 19. But that isn’t really it for the season. “They will open back up after the weekend for the hunters,” said the campground host. This may be the exact time of year when hikers switch to those bright orange parkas and perhaps add one for their 4-legged companions as well.

There are still some spots open for overnight camping. Red Bridge for instance. Campers can stay at the rustic location for up to 14 days. Still, there is a forestry sign posted that no fires are allowed, even in the provided fire rings. With the little rain and cooler temps it is hard to imagine camping out without a campfire, but one look around tells the story.

All around Bucks and out at Red Bridge too, the evidence that extreme caution is best regarding fire comes through as a clear visual message: Proceed with caution and care. AND there are many gorgeous outdoor days remaining for Plumas County residents to enjoy before temperatures freeze and snow falls. The leaves have yet to turn but it’s bound to happen any minute with evening temps dropping into the 30s.

A stoic message of last year’s fire echos at Lower Bucks Lake as the first rains fall. No campfires allowed until at least November is what posted Forest Service signs decree. Photo by Mari Erin Roth

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