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RedRover Readers pick winning posters

The poster of grand prize winner and third-grader Matthew Laboda of Chester Elementary School, chosen by RedRover Readers presenting the RedRover Organizations’ Humane Education Program, sponsored by High Sierra Animal Rescue. Photo by Abigail Birnbryer

High Sierra Animal Rescue (HSAR) has announced its annual official poster contest winners from the Plumas County third-grade classes, although they think all of the entrants are winners, according to HSAR volunteer Nancy Meyers.

Certified RedRover Readers have completed another successful year presenting the RedRover Organization’s Humane Education program, where certified readers spend time reading designated books

centered on the theme, “It’s Cool to be Kind.”

The volunteers who read to the third-grade classes throughout Plumas County are RedRover Readers sponsored by HSAR.

The books are chosen from the national RedRover Reader (RRR) curriculum to educate the public about anti-cruelty and anti-bullying through stories that generate discussions, critical thinking skills, and foster empathy and compassion for animals and humans.

Students also receive RRR pencils and stickers, and HSAR provides “It’s Cool to be Kind” bracelets for all the participants.

The annual program culminates in a poster contest in which students are asked to create a poster representing what they have learned from the books and discussions based on the “It’s Cool to be Kind” theme.

A winner was selected from each participating class, and then a grand prize winner was chosen. The grand prize winner received a participation gift from HSAR, and the winning posters are currently on display at the rescue facility in Portola.

The winning third-grade posters for the 2019-2020 school year were carefully selected by the RR Readers, who were impressed by the selection of wonderful entrants.

The 2020 grand prize winner is Matthew Laboda from Ms. Geer’s third-grade class at Chester Elementary School.

The following students won the poster contest for their class: Lianna Odell from Mrs. Foy’s class at Greenville Elementary; Bradley McMorrow from Mrs. Piper’s class and Lena Jedra from Mrs. Hintz’s class at Quincy Elementary; Lexi Lopez from Mrs. Cone’s class and Wade Preston from Mrs. Kooyman’s class at C. Roy Carmichael Elementary in Portola.

The RedRover Readers program allows HSAR to teach young students how to care for animals in a kind and sensitive way.

Students take these important lessons home to their families and retain this important message throughout their lives.

To learn more aboutHigh Sierra Animal Rescue and/or make a donation to support its mission, call 832-4727 or visithighsierraanimalrescue.org.

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