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Remember When for the week of 11/14/18

100 YEARS AGO … 1918

Phillip Blume, well known hotelman from Nevada and former owner of the $250,000 Eldorado Hotel in Winnemucca, Nevada, which was recently destroyed by fire, has bought the Plumas House in Quincy. He plans to upgrade the water and heating systems and enlarge the dining room, among other improvements.

50 YEARS AGO … 1968

The newly constructed Greenville post office located at its new location on Main Street opened Monday. The fireproof block building will offer 690 customer mail boxes compared to 590 in the former location, according to postmaster Ralph Lozano.

25 YEARS AGO … 1993

This week the Plumas County Board of Supervisors voted approval of a long awaited refurbishment of the county courthouse elevator at a cost of $74,875 and upon completion, will come close to complying with the minimum state and federal mandated handicap access requirements.

10 YEARS AGO … 2008

Due to budget constraints, Plumas County has shut down the Department of Alcohol and Drug Department with no arrangements for interim service, leaving clients in limbo. Those with pending driving under the influence citations are being referred to other counties for their mandatory DUI class but there is no alternative for the substance abuse treatment program that also has been suspended.

Note: items included in the weekly Remember When column are taken from our bound newspaper archives and represent writing styles of that particular period. The spelling and grammar are not edited, so the copy is presented as it actually appeared in the original newspaper.

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