Remember When for the week of 6/5/19

100 YEARS AGO…..1919

Early Tuesday morning cracksmen broke into the C.E. Young Store at Taylorsville and was able to open the safe and make their escape with $225 in cash. Sheriff Braden said that entry to the store was had by removing a pane of glass from the window of the office. Late Wednesday evening the sheriff brought in two men to the Plumas County jail on suspicion of the robbery.

50 YEARS AGO…..1969

The “Silver Anniversary” of the annual Plumas County picnic will be held this Saturday featuring a free barbecue, horse show, Sweetheart of the Mountains pageant, square dancing and auto races.


Thirteen contestants are seeking the Plumas County Fair’s Sweetheart of the Mountains title to be announced at the annual Plumas County picnic this weekend. From Quincy: Rhonda Bettis, Peggy Dakin, Jan Donnenwirth, Cindy Hall, Ireta Larsen, Debbie Morgan, Charleen Young; from Sloat: Nadine Lawson; from Chester: Nanette Sypher; Mary Ann Weston; from Greenville: Marleen Heezel; from Portola: Susie Bettger and from Beckwourth: Patty Stevens.

25 YEARS AGO…..1994

Citing that there is not enough carnival equipment available in August, the Plumas County Fair board of directors heard representatives from Johnston’s Midway of Fun, who supplies the equipment, and that they might consider moving the Plumas County Fair to July instead of August. Plumas County Fair manager and the fair board have taken it under consideration for the 1995 fair.

10 YEARS AGO…..2009

The annual Plumas County picnic will be held Saturday at the Plumas County fairgrounds.

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