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A man was observed pouring the contents of a gas can onto this chip file and then setting it ablaze on July 21. Facebook photo

Report of suspected arsonist in Indian Valley

A couple on Williams Valley Road in Indian Valley reported to the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office on July 21 that they witnessed a man carrying a red 5-gallon gas down their road. The husband then observed the man talking to himself and acting strangely before pouring the contents of the gas can on a chip pile and lighting a fire. Dispatch was alerted at 8:45 p.m. The Forest Service responded and put out the blaze.

The man was reported to have continued walking, ultimately going up Power Line Road. Plumas County Sheriff’s spokesman Chandler Peay said the man was an Indian adult male wearing a light shirt and blue jeans. The couple described him as being 30ish, perhaps 5’7” to 5’8” tall, heavy set, with dark hair, who walked laboriously.

Peay said that the Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident. While a picture was submitted of an individual who could be the suspect, Peay said it was taken from an earlier time and could not be directly tied to this incident. However, they are searching for the individual in the photo.

The Forest Service is also  investigating the incident.

The public is asked to call the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office with any information at 530-283-6300.

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