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The fire just off Main Street in Quincy burns through multiple structures July 29, 2020. The cause of the fire was deemed to be human caused, likely the result of a piece of equipment or cigarette. File photo by Debra Moore

Report released on cause of fire that destroyed crisis center, brewery and other structures

The cause of last summer’s fire that destroyed the Plumas Crisis Intervention and Resource Center on Main Street in downtown Quincy, as well burned several other buildings including one that housed the brewery operations for Quintopia and the site that held all of the props and costumes for the West End Theatre, is the subject of a recent report.

The fire broke out about 12:45 p.m. on July 29, behind a trailer in the Downtown Trailer Park sending flames and smoke into the sky and drawing quite a crowd to the site just west of the Plumas County courthouse.

Fire crews from throughout the county responded to the scene as did the U.S. Forest Service to help Quincy Fire battle the blaze, which forced evacuations and road closures in the vicinity.

Four firefighters were injured in the incident, with one remaining at Plumas District Hospital overnight for observation.

According to the report released by Quincy Fire Chief Robbie Cassou earlier this month: “Though the exact source of ignition remains unknown, the fire started in the grass behind Trailer 16 [of the Downtown Trailer Park]. The most logical sources of ignition include the use of an electric angle grinder, or an improperly discarded cigarette. Trailer 16’s “First Material Ignited,” was the grass behind, below and surrounding the northeast corner of the trailer. Once the trailer ignited, it generated radiant heat which traveled to the nearest opaque surface (the brewery storage building) catching the siding on fire. As the firer grew in intensity, flames entered the storage building building attic through the exterior eves and spread throughout the remaining structures. I am classifying this as human caused, accidental.”

The crisis center plans to rebuild on the site and is currently operating out of a building farther east on Main Street. Quintopia has begun brewing its ales again, and has continued serving the public across the street at its pub and restaurant — functioning as the rules surrounding coronavirus allow.




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