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Requesting Statements of Qualifications and Proposals, Seneca Healthcare District

The Seneca Healthcare District (“District”) is requesting statements of qualifications and proposals (“RFQP”) from qualified persons, firms, partnerships, corporations, associations, or professional organizations to provide special services as described below and in the form of agreement attached to this email (“Services”):

Timber Removal per attached prior to initiation of construction activities for the Seneca Hospital District replacement facility in Chester, CA.

Licensed Timber Operator (LTO) Scope of Work will begin on June 14, 2023 with a training by a SHD-contracted Biological Consultant in compliance with below mitigation measures, will continue with presence at a Ground Breaking Ceremony tentatively planned for June 16, 2023 at which the first tree will be removed, and will complete with cutting and removal of onsite trees as further defined within the mandatory site walk as defined below.  This scope of work shall be completed by July 7, 2023.  All work is contingent upon pending CALFIRE approval of submitted Timber Conversion Plan.

The District reserves the right to award the Services to a single firm, to award portions of the Services to more than one firm, or to not award any portion of the Services to any firm.

Statement of Qualifications

Please provide the district with a statement of qualifications (“SOQ”) that includes the following:

A comprehensive five-year summary of the firm’s litigation, arbitration, and negotiated/settled history with previous clients.  State the issues in the litigation, the status of the litigation, names of parties, and outcome.

Any comments or objections to the form of agreement attached to this email (“Agreement”).  PLEASE NOTE:  The District will not consider any substantive changes to the form of Agreement if they are not submitted at or before this time.

Fee Schedule & Proposal

A mandatory site walk is scheduled for Tuesday May 9, 2023 at 9am, meeting at 199 Reynolds Road, Chester, CA in the Seneca Healthcare District Administration Office.  Attendance is required to be considered for this contract. Please provide a proposal (“Proposal”) setting forth the following:

A proposed lump sum contract amount for defined scope of work.

All costs, expenses, or other charges that firm would charge the District in addition to your firm’s fee.

Copy of DIR registration.

Copy of California state-issued timber operator license.

Certificate of Insurance, minimum limits as defined in attached contract.

Scope of Work

The majority of the onsite trees on the 10-acre future site of the Seneca Hospital will be removed under this scope of work, with specifics to be identified at aforementioned mandatory site walk.  Tree removal to include removal of stumps, trees, and tree debris to a minimum depth of twelve inches below the grading plane.  Ground shall be leveled and holes filled.  Any remaining trees shall have lower 25’ of trees stripped of branches.

Selected LTO will be responsible for removing and disposing of all trees and resulting debris, included within the contracted scope of work.

One onsite meeting with Contracted Biological Consultant prior to commencing work will be required of all involved timber harvesting personnel. This training session will be approximately 15 minutes in length plus Q&A.

Process and Deadline

This RFQP is not a formal request for bids or an offer by the District to contract with any firm responding to this email request.  The District intends to choose one or more firms that respond to this RFQP and may conduct follow-up interviews with responding firms in its discretion.  The District will provide its form of agreement to firm(s) that the District chooses to perform all or some of the Services.  Any award of a contract will be subject to the District’s Board’s approval.

Any/All questions to be put in writing to the District c/o Lisa Lazalier at [email protected].

Please email your SOQ and Proposal in PDF format to the District c/o Lisa Lazalier at [email protected] by May 15, 2023 at 5 pm PST.

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